Afghan Mastiff Dogs

Afghan Mastiff is a dog breed of guard dogs and fighting dogs origin Afghanistan.


It has been confirmed in BC that this type of dogs still exists. It is the original dog species of primitive Mastiff type Central Asian origin of Arabai. Closely related to species of Central Asia Shepherd Dog (Central Asian Shepherd Dog). It is positioned to say mountainous type of Afghan couch dog. Mainly protect Canine, but are causative as guard dogs, and are also used as fighting dogs. In the current Afghanistan has risen in popularity fighting dogs, are relatively large-scale fighting dogs tournament also held. For a normal fighting dogs that becomes the end of the fight at the time the settlement is attached, it is unlikely that the dog is death. However, fighting dogs in order to settle the village and the village of squabbles are Deathmatch, and to fight until one dies. Also those who lose are often killed by persons of the village of dog who won even if not die in battle.

As Mamoru Canine, but was present as a guard dog to protect the household goods and family, the number for since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 civil war has been drastically reduced.


In of the Mastiff have a primitive appearance, muzzle but is coated with longer is a smooth short coat is a double coat with undercoat and hair on it was adapted to the harsh climate of the mountainous areas. It is very similar to Central Asia Shepherd Dog and Turkmen-Arabai. The power of the jaw is strong, and she does a muscular physique that was chunky, legs long thick. Originally lop-eared, but dripping tail, is very short Danmimi in local, is docked tail from the root to the length of less than half. Hair color has each shade to bright phone from black, the other in the Torage, plaques. Some individuals also a lot of white spots on the chest, etc.. While males who are also individuals that exceeds the weight 80kg in 60kg~70kg stand, female 40kg~50kg board (also small but are of course big individuals) and large gender differences. Faithful While the owners and their families, defense instinct is strong need to control.